Monday, August 1, 2011

Monster Energy Drink: Rehab

Food reflects the market. The difference between a capitalist market and a post-capitalist, or consumerist market, is the relationship of supply and demand do not emerge from a drive for sustenance -- a will toward survival. The supply-side of the market, not the demand of a group or individual, fabricates demand through media with the creation of hedonistic fantasies and corresponding identities to populate these fantasies.

Food products begin to essentialize as drugs rather than sustenance. They replace whole food sources by quelling the appetite, e.g. nicotine and cocaine. The chemical makeup of the food is mechanically refined to produce stronger physiological effects that alter mood and with it reality. The product's value is measured by degrees of pleasure, oblivious to their unhealthful qualities.

I saw someone drinking one of these at work the other day. If you have low energy, maybe you should try a nap and spend some time on your life to pinpoint why you're such a spiraling out of control mess. You're probably tired because you're a crackhead. The answer isn't a tallboy of a drink called Rehab -- it's rehab. Though, the most common answer from our medical institutions for dealing with addiction and substance-abuse is, not too far off from Monster's nostrum, usually to put the crackhead on a legal drug instead. Maybe, Monster Energy drink is on to something. Is this some sort of mea culpa by Monster to apologize for the havoc they've placed on the constitutions and taste buds of the white trash that suck this down prior to an off-roading adventure. We know you can't afford rehab since you have no health care, but here, take this can of cold Rehab, maybe it will quench your substance-abuse issues we've only helped to foster in you.

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